Pet in Need Nominations

We are currently taking Nominations

Do you or someone you know have a rescued pet in need in Texas?  Carly’s Way Animal Rescue is always looking to support rescued dogs and cats in need. We have allocated a portion of our North Texas Giving Day funds to help an animal in a unique circumstance.
Please nominate yourself, a friend, or someone you know in need of support for their pet. We can assist with supplies, pet food, certain medications, and needed veterinary care.

The Board at Carly’s Way Animal Rescue will designate animals in need and what we are able to supply per each request. Please share your requests or story along with any pertinent information at All emails will be confidential. If your request is chosen, we will reply to your email.

We look forward to helping as many animals as our budgeted funds allow. If you would like to donate to this cause, please donate at on the Home page.

Thank you for your support!